What’s the Best

We were curious as we started up our new grow business as to which system of growing, hydroponics or soil, would produce the best results. We set up a tent with four plants, two in bubble bucket and two in smart ports(fabric pots). All the seeds were of the same genus and started at the same time, but we quickly learned that the hydroponic bubble-buckets were first off the starting blocks. I have attached some pictures from week 2 in the tent. The soil we used was Coast of Maine Stonington Blend in both smart pots and later down the line we will be comparing two different nutrient lines to see if one performs better than the other. In the bubble-buckets we are using the same nutrients that will later be used in the soil. The hydroponic plant on the left is being fed Lotus and the one onthe right is being fed Humboldts. In the early stages it was very evident that the Lotus was producing faster growth and a thicker stalk. The soil plants will be started on their nutrients at approximately 4 weeks.

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