New Journey

Starting a new Grow store wasn’t”t in our retirement plan just 4 months ago, but it is funny how life turns out. We have always enjoyed planting flower gardens and doing landscaping projects, but didn’t realize it would lead us in a new direction.

I was planning on retiring this year to spend more quality time with my husband who is disabled. I have been a nurse for over 25 years at the UVa Cancer Center and love that caring part of my life. I plan to continue to work 1 day a week even after retiring and will spend the rest of my time working side by side with my husband to get our new store off the ground. Our son Justin will also be an integral part of the store as he is the electrician and plumber of the family. He will be consulting with customers to customize their grow projects and install customized hydroponic system when requested. Our daughter Kelly, who is an accountant at DCCU, will be helping to keep the books for the store.

We really didn’t realize how complex starting a new business would be, especially during this Covid era. We have encounter multiple supply chain issues and have had to learn patience. We have been open for just under 1 month now and want to thank everyone who have come by to support our local store. We hope to provide products and service for many years to come. May we all Grow Together!

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