We are back to continue our discussion on which system, hydroponics versus soil, produces the best product. It has now been about 2 weeks since the last post and the differences in the 2 grow systems is still very apparent, The bubble bucket plants are still much more advanced than the 2 soil plants. I am including the latest pictures from the grow and if you are interested in purchasing a bubble bucket system we have them available in 1, 2, or 4 bucket systems at the store. The Lotus nutrient hydroponic plant is more full and bush-like compared to the Humboldts nutrient hydroponic plant. We started feeding the soil pots this week and it looks like the Lotus fed plant is slightly larger than the Humboldts fed at this time. Because the hydroponic plants were so far advanced we did prune (top) the 2 hydroponic plants 1 week ago. The soil plants will also be topped but probably not till next week. We will touch base with you in a couple weeks to review the progress on the grow.

Humboldts Soil

Lotus soil
Humboldts Hydroponics
Lotus Hydroponics

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