Which is Better Part 4

Which is Better Part 4

Well it has been several weeks since I last posted and we have had to separate the soil plants from the hydroponics and they are now in 2 different tents. We will be allowing the soil plants to veg for about another 2-3 weeks and so will not be including these plants in todays blog. I will instead concentrate on the 2 hydroponic plants and the differences in Lotus nutrient versus the Humboldts. We did flip these 2 plants into the flower stage at the beginning of this week. (We did start some low-stress training on the soil plants this week). We continue to see huge differences in the 2 plants in growth rate and color as well as root development. My son Justin in using the Humboldts in his soil grows at home and he has great results in this medium, so it may be that the Humbolds may not be as well suited for the hydroponic setting. We will have to wait until harvest to determine if the end product will be better with the Lotus vs the Humboldts, but just from the pictures today, you will see how different the plants look.

Lotus Plant from top view

Lotus Plant

Lotus Root Ball

Humboldts Plant

Humboldts Root Ball

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