Which is Better Part 6

It has now been abour 4 weeks since my last post. The hydroponic plants are now in full bloom and the buds are forming nicely. We are still vegging the soil plants and did place a scrog net on then last night. The Lotus hydroponic plant continues to look much better than the Humbolds plant with much larger buds and fuller foliage. The diameter of the Lotus Hydroponic plant’s stalk is much larger than the Humboldts also. With the soil based plants we are seeing darker, fuller foliage with the Humboldts as compared to the Lotus. We continue to postpone the flipping the soil plants to flower as we try to get them to a comparable size of the Lotus hydroponic plant. As always I am including our most recent pictures.

Lotus Stalk
Humboldts Soil
Lotus Soil
Lotus Stalk
Humboldts Stalk
Lotus Hydroponic Plant
Humboldts Hydroponic Plant
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