Lotus vs Athena: Week 9

Lotus vs Athena: Week 9

I have to apologize for being late. with this post. I unfortunately took a fall and broke my right shoulder and have been somewhat incapacitated. The plants have now been in flower for just a little over 3 weeks and continue to be healthy despite my recent neglect. The Lotus Durban Poison still has a slight edge on growth over the Athena, and the NYC Deisels are about equal in size. The ambient temp in the garage where the tent is, is staying around 62 degrees.. This current grow did not stretch like the spring and summer grow and I now believe that this is probably due to the differences in the tent temps during flower. The buds are really just starting to get going on all 4 plants. i have not been able to do hardly any pruning of these bushy plants to this point but hope to use the scog net to separate the developing colas. The PH in the reservoirs continues to be stable and the ROI-E 720 was turned up to 100% this week. Here are this weeks pics.

Week 3 Flower

Lotus Plants

Athena Plants
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