Why Ph?

Why Ph?

When you started on this grow journey, little did you know that you would need to refer back to some basic science fact. Ph is one of those things you did in your middle school lab where you learned about the basic of acids and bases. Well, this is the one thing when you grow cannabis that you better pay attention to, or you could have disastrous results.

All nutrients are required to be present and available to your plants i n order for proper metabolic functions to occur. Different species of plants have adapted to differing ph levels over time, and cannabis is no exception. The sweet zone for cannabis is between 5.6 – 6.3 which is slightly acidic. As the Ph level rises or falls below these number some nutrients precipitate out of the solution. Plants can not absorb any of the nutrients that have precipitated out. Even if the nutrients are present in the solution, they are only available to the plant is they are dissolved completely. Plants that are growing in water or soil outside of the proper Ph ranges will grow slowly and start showing nutrient deficiencies.

The only accurate way to adjust your Ph level is to invest in a reliable Ph meter or Ph test kit (Only use a Ph kit in direct sunlight when reading the results and make sure you are not color blind to the different shade needed to read the test). Also remember that if you are adding nutrients to a solution to feed your plants to check the Ph after adding the nutrients, as they will change the Ph of your water source. Good luck with your grows and remember Ph is KEY!!!

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